Marvell Academy

Academic Counselor

Mrs. Janine Dubach



Janine Richmond Dubach, a 1977 Honor Graduate of Marvell Academy, has been teaching for almost 32 years with 28 of those being at MA. She earned a B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in biology from Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, MS in December of 1980. Mrs. Dubach's family has been a member of the Marvell Academy family since its beginning in 1966. She and her husband, Dan, have two sons who are also past honor graduates of MA, Ryne (Class of 2006) and Clay (Class of 2009).

​Positions held over the years at Marvell Academy include HS math teacher (1985-87, 2014-present), MS math teacher (1997-present), HS biology teacher (86-87, 2003-present) school board member (1995-97), Dean of Students (2008-2015), Academic Counselor (2016-present), and HS principal (2016-2017). Mrs Dubach has served as a/the Senior Class sponsor since 2004.

As Academic Counselor, Mrs. Dubach helps students with their course selections, makes sure they have the correct credits to graduate, administers the Weekday ACT, and coordinates standardized testing for grades 2-10. She also helps seniors with the college admissions process by maintaining and sending transcripts to the colleges of their choice. As Rediker supervisor, Mrs. Dubach is responsible for maintaining the school's database and parent portal.

One of Mrs. Dubach's top priorities is doing her best to prepare students for the next step in life, whether that is college, a trade school, or going straight into the work force. Another priority is accountability, teaching students to be responsible and productive citizens- leaders of tomorrow.